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24 November 2021

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Principal’s Note

Welcome to the final newsletter for Charleville SHS for 2021! The year has flown past and there have been many aspects to celebrate from the school year as well as a number of things to continue to focus on improving.

As a school we have continued to improve the quality of the learning environment through a committed focus on student engagement and behaviour, resulting in significant decreases in measurable data such as behaviour incidents (Major and Minor) to now be at their lowest level for the last four years (since 2018). School Disciplinary Absences are also significantly lower and are at the lowest level across the tracking period (since 2016). Positive behaviour records are also trending upwards, notably so across the last three years, and these are also at the high point across this period.

Achievement outcomes also continue to improve across a variety of subjects. Our Year 12’s are well and truly on track to achieve excellent results; current prediction is for 100% Queensland Certificate of Education to be achieved along with strong reporting results indicated through nearly 81% of subjects achieving Tier 2 (80%+) or Tier 3 (85%+) results for the percentage of students achieving an A, B or C result. This included 62% of subjects achieving a 100% pass rate for students, a fantastic result!

In general, we continue to do well in Mathematics and Science in Junior Secondary and maintaining steady improvement in English. For Science we are on par with Region and working towards State, in Mathematics students in Year 7-10 are above both State and Region for A-C% results, an awesome outcome!

These outcomes are a testament to the work undertaken by the school community and the buy in from students. It includes opportunities for staff, student and parent feedback through meetings and surveys and is making a positive contribution to the learning outcomes for students.

There is no doubt there is also still work to be done in both learning environment and student engagement, particularly regarding attendance and through these ensuring we continue to improve student learning outcomes. Please continue to provide parental voice through organisations such as the P&C and ATSI Community Partnerships as well as the School Opinion Survey to help us on this journey.

Year 12 Formal and Graduation

A huge week 7 saw a variety of events take place, including our Formal and Graduation ceremony. They were both wonderful occasions and a sincere vote of thanks are well deserved to Ms Rachel Dwyer for her tireless work in organising the Formal and to Ms Stefanie Andriolo for putting together a memorable Graduation Ceremony. There is also a team of people behind the scenes for events such as these, my thanks to all who contributed, your support is so greatly appreciated.

We had a memorable night at the Formal, enjoying the glamour of the student’s outfits and arrivals, a beautifully prepared venue and lovely dinner. The Graduation Ceremony was also memorable, it is the time when the reality of finishing school truly kicks in and there were many emotions on display as these moments unfolded.

It is an honour to attend these events and watch the joy and relief on the faces of both students and parents. School can be a long and sometimes challenging journey however the outcomes achieved by these young people are certainly a validation of the worth of all this effort. Congratulations again to the class of 2021, we will miss you and I have the greatest confidence that you will transition confidently into post-school life.

Reporting for Semester 2

Report cards for Semester 2 will be emailed home this week for Year 10 and 11 students. Report cards for the remainder of Junior Secondary students will be emailed home at the end of week 9 (final week of the year) on the 3rd of December. Families that do not have an email address have been noted and a hard copy of the report card will be sent by post.

2022 Break times

After consultation with staff, parents (P&C, ATSI Community Partnerships, newsletters, Facebook) and students the decision has been made to adjust the timetable for 2022 to encompass two breaks in the school day. There is no change to the start and finish times of school and there is no reduction in the time that students have in class or the actual amount of time for breaks. The new schedule will be:

Period 1

8.50am to 10.00am


10.00am to 10.10am

Period 2

10.15am to 11.25am (includes 5-minute transition from Form)

Break 1

11.25am to 12.00pm

Period 3

12.00pm to 1.10pm

Break 2

1.10pm to 1.45pm

Period 4

1.45pm to 2.55pm

Thanks to all who provided feedback during this process, much appreciated. We will be monitoring this change for 2022 and will report back throug the P&C and newsletter to keep parents informed of any impacts.

School Closure for Summer Holiday Period

The final day for the school office to be open is Friday the 3rd of December. School will remain closed for the Christmas vacation until Wednesday the 19th of January. For any urgent enquiries during the vacation period please contact the school via my email address,

In Conclusion

As we complete the final days of the school year for 2021, I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the efforts of my staff, the students, broader school community and of course our parents and caregivers. Together we have continued to value add to our student’s learning and wellbeing, celebrated successes and identified areas for continued improvement.

Across the last two years I have seen significant growth in the capacity of the school to provide targeted, supportive learning for our children and enjoyed the continuation of the strong relationships that exist between staff, students and parents that is the hallmark of our school community. These were on full display in the interactions that occurred for our Year 12’s across the last week, an absolute highlight of our school culture.

To all of you I wish a very safe, joyous and prosperous Christmas and New Year and look forward to welcoming everyone back to school for 2022.

All the best,

Barry Wallett

Senior School


As our year 11’s progress into year 12, it is vital that they are aware of their current progress toward their QCE. Many of our year 11’s have done exceptionally well at banking points and can enter year 12 confident that they will obtain their Queensland Certificate of Education at the end of 2022. Ideally, students should have at least 10 points by this stage of their senior schooling.

Other students have had some challenges throughout the year and may need to consider a subject change or completing an additional certificate in order to ensure they are on track for their 20 points.

Students who are at risk will be offered support to help them get back on track. Parents will be contacted to organise a first meeting to discuss options for students to ensure they are on track for graduation.

For most of these students, completing their Certificate 2 in Active Volunteering or Foundational Skills (FSK) will help them to get back on track. Students enrolled in these certificates can continue to work on these over the holidays if needed to finish.

Students should be aware that they can track their subjects, certificates and accumulated points by logging into the QCAA student portal.

If students have not yet registered, they can by using their LUI (which can be found in their OneSchool account or they can ask me for it). They will also need to register with an email address. It is recommended that this is not their school email address as they will need to access their account after they finish year 12.

As always, if students are concerned or need assistance they are welcome to make an appointment to see me to discuss their options and pathways.


As students reflect on their year and their successes and challenges in 2021, it is important that they consider the impact their attendance has had on their learning. Charleville State High School has a target of 92% attendance as the consistency of being in class each day and accessing the learning supports students in completing their assessment successfully. Senior students are expected to attend school each day and the minimum expectation is 85%.

I would like to celebrate the successes for our year 10 and 11 students who have reached the target of 92% attendance and, for the most part, are finding success in their studies.

However, in terms 3 and 4, a number of year 10 and 11 students have not achieved the minimum expectation of 85% and, as a result, have struggled with their courses of study. In 2022 it is imperative that these students increase their attendance and engagement at school to support them in successfully completing their course of study.

Students will struggle to succeed if they are not in their classroom. When students do not attend school, it limits their access to the range of people who can support them including class teachers, Year Level Coordinators, Heads of Department, the Guidance Officer, Youth Support Coordinator, Industry Liaison Officer, Deputy Principal, Chaplain, and more.

Farewell Year 12’s

Also, this is a final farewell to the class of 2021. I wish all of you success in your journey after school and hope you let us know how you are going in 2022. Whether you are entering the workforce, TAFE, university or taking another path, know that we wish you well.

Cassandra Kohli
Deputy Principal


2021 Formal

This year’s formal was a chance for our seniors to celebrate the end of 12 years of school. The night saw our ladies shine in exquisite dresses, and the boys showcase the gentlemen they have become. While I have not known them long, it is clear that each of them is a credit to their families, their school and the wider community. It was a pleasure to coordinate the event for our 2021 senior class, and we wish them every success in all their endeavours. Thank you and farewell class of 2021, you have blessed us with many memories.

2021 Formal



Week 8, Term 4


The 2022 School year commences on Monday 24th January at 8:45am. All students are to go to the hall when the first bell rings. They will receive their new timetable.

2022 Timetable and subject selections

During week 8, all students from years 8 and 9 will have their elective subject selections posted in the office. Students must check carefully the elective subjects they will be studying in 2022.

Please note: All Year 7 and 8 students will be given a selection of electives to experience over the four semesters.

Year 7: Home Economics (HEC) and ART (TAR)
Year 8: Industrial Technology and Design (ITD) and Drama (DRA). Every student must study One semester of each subject.

In years 9 & 10 the students choose two electives. Most students were fortunate to be placed in their preferred electives.

Contact Details

Please call the office or send a note if you have had a change in address or phone number. It is important that we are able to contact you at all times.

Junior Certificate of Education (JCE)

On Wednesday 1st December, students who have gained enough points over year 8 and 9 will be presented with their Junior Certificate of Education (JCE). This year, the students have been asked to not purchase a senior shirt prior to the event. The students will be presented with their certificate and a small gift from the school. The parents of all year nine students will be sent an invitation giving details as well as requesting to RSVP due to COVID restrictions. The small number of students, who are at risk of not receiving the JCE will be contacted indicating that they may not receive their JCE. If students do not receive their JCE, they will still proceed to year 10 in 2022. However, there may be further support classes offered as a means of improving their academic achievement in the future. It is pleasing to see the few students who are at risk have been trying hard to improve.

At the JCE ceremony, students in years 7, 8 & 9 will be presented with active learner awards as well as the announcement of the Junior leaders in 2022.

Junior Leaders 2022

A record number of students applied for Junior School Leadership positions in 2022. Students wrote an application, spoke on parade and then will be interviewed. The Two Junior School Leaders along with the three Junior House leaders will be announced at the Junior Certificate of Education Ceremony on Wednesday 1st December, 2021 at 9:00pm. If you wish to attend this ceremony please call the school on 4656 8888 to RSVP.

Year Six Interviews

Enrolment interviews have taken place in the past few weeks. Please call the office on 4656 8888 to book an appointment if your child has not enrolled for 2022. Students must have an enrolment interview prior to beginning school. We look forward to working with our future year 7 students as well as students in other year levels.


Use of Social Media over the school break

In past years, a number of students have become distressed over the school breaks due to social media/technology communications. During week 9, students in year 7, 8 and 9 will be addressed over this possible occurrence. As carers of these young people, please be aware of everything the young person sends and receives over social media. It is most important that you protect your child in every manner.

Diagnostic Testing (PAT R and PAT M)

At Charleville State High School, we have an excellent three-tiered reading plan. All students in Year 7, 8, and 9 are given a diagnostic Reading Comprehension test in term 4. We use this valuable data along with Academic and teachers’ anecdotal notes to plan for the future to ensure that students reach their potential.

Students are also given a diagnostic (PAT M) test for mathematics in term 4. We will examine this data to assist us in planning for 2022.


At Charleville State High School, our goal is for all students to attend school 92%. Every term we send letters to families indicating the students’ actual attendance at school Every day counts.

Bullying at Charleville SHS and outside of school

There are occasions where a student feels uncomfortable to report an issue in person. This is when we encourage the use of the Stymie website. Students are able to anonymously report concerns. This report is taken seriously and is acted upon immediately. Students are able to access Stymie by merely searching for “STYMIE” in a search engine. Students will be able to use STYMIE over the holidays. However, teaching staff will not be able to make direct contact with students until they return to school in January. If the STYMIE report is of great concern, other support agencies may be contacted.

Use of technology outside of school

There is numerous research on the amount of screen time a young person should have before it affects their wellbeing. Parents need to monitor carefully their teenager especially when they are in contact with others online. Phones and ipads etc. should not be in the bedroom prior to sleeping. It is evident that a number of students have disturbed sleep patterns and consequently affects their ability to concentrate at school.

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is manned by volunteers. Please consult the Facebook page for extra times when the shop will be open. It is normally open each Tuesday morning from 8:30 am to 9:00 am.

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer break and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2022,

Narelle Webb
Deputy Principal
Junior Schooling/Student Services


Throughout term 4, the Blue EDGE (Educate, Develop, Grow, Empower) program has been running, with two training sessions per week. Blue EDGE is a program of physical training designed to extend a young person’s mind and physical capability. The program also includes career education, motivational speakers and mentoring with a view to having youth actualise their potential. Outcomes include personal relationships and rapport being built between Police, volunteers and the young people and their families. The intention of the program is for these students to grow and develop the skills and attitudes young people need to take part in society, now and in the future.

The Blue EDGE program will conclude on the 26th November at the Showgrounds. Students, parents, local Police, school staff, trainers and guest speakers will all come together on this day to celebrate the student’s growth and dedication to the program. The staff at Charleville State High School would like to thank all who were involved in ensuring the success of this program.

2022 Blue EDGE Program

Tips for dealing with disturbing content: From Child Youth Mental Health Services and

The Netflix series Squid Game has been really popular with young people recently. It deals with some very mature and heavy themes, including suicide, violence, exploitation of vulnerable people and substance abuse. Let’s face it, disturbing or controversial content can be hard to avoid. Teens may choose to still watch these shows, or hear about them at school. It is important that families have conversations with their teens about how to cope when seeing distressing or uncomfortable content. See link below for some tips for dealing with disturbing content.



25-30 hours per week commencing January 2022.

As a Teacher Aide you will contribute to the provision of a quality educational service by assisting and supporting teachers with the preparation and enhancement of learning materials and associated activities.



15 hours per week commencing January 2022. This is a 12month temporary position.

Charleville State High School is seeking a passionate and dedicated Industry Liaison Office (ILO) to join the team. As the ILO you will assist in the ongoing delivery of the School Based Apprenticeship / Traineeship program and assist in managing business and industry partnerships to maximise opportunities for secondary students. A core component of the role is to establish and maintain effective networks, working collaboratively with business and industry groups to build strong and vibrant links that promote School Based Apprenticeships / Traineeships as a career pathway for students.