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15 September 2021

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Note

Welcome to week 10 of Term 3. As always it seems to be quite a surprise in some ways that we have got to this point already although I am sure that our students may not think so! Term 3 has been very positive in terms of our school culture and overall improvement journey, some notable outcomes include:

  • Range of positive events undertaken including Parent-Teacher Interviews, Qld Ballet workshops, Athletics Carnival, Noosa Film Festival workshop, Transition Days, Aspire2Health, Senior Games, Career Expo, Global Competencies Pilot, Student Leader selection process, RUOK week, a range of Professional Development activities as well as a variety of sporting selection trials
  • Consistent improvement in academic outcomes across a range of subjects with a particular focus on English and Mathematics
  • Continuing gains in student engagement and behaviour with behaviour incidents reducing by more than 50% since Term 1 in 2020. School Disciplinary absences (suspensions) are also significantly lower, down by over 47% compared to the end of Term 3 in 2020.

I am confident that the data supports the work we are doing to improve the tone and focus of the school to be very much about Teaching and Learning through fostering a positive learning environment. My congratulations to the staff, students and parents for their efforts in this work.


Congratulations to the Student Support Team for their work in organising activities to recognise this important initiative with a special mention to Katie McLeod for bringing it all together. It was fantastic to watch the level of student involvement in the activities, starting with Fitness with Shannon on the oval on Monday, then Creating Gifts on Tuesday, Agency led Oz Tag on Wednesday, Yoga and Yarning Circle on Thursday and Pass the Footy challenge on Friday.

I particularly enjoyed the Yarning Circle on Thursday where a number of men from the community came in to talk to our boys. The conversations were open and honest and it was a great opportunity for our students to connect with positive role models from our community, a big thanks to all involved!

Potential change to break times for 2022

Thanks to those who took the time to contribute to this conversation, some very good suggestions and feedback was received. A key concern noted was around the length of time from the start of school to First Break. The approach to mitigate this was to have Form class between Period 1 and 2 providing potential for a “snack break” during this time for students. The overall intent of any change is to maximise the learning time during the morning so we deliberately avoided any structure that did not achieve this.

After the consultation period we have settled on two choices for 2022 break times. This was presented to the P&C on Wednesday 08 September for final consideration and if any parents do wish to have further input please feel free to contact one of the P&C Executive or myself. The final decision will be made by week 4 of Term 4 to ensure timely communication to the school and wider community.

The proposed options are:

  1. No change - Three breaks during the day
  2. Change to 2 breaks in the school day:
    a. Period 1 - 8.50am to 10.00am
    b. Form - 10.00am to 10.10am
    c. Period 2 - 10.15am to 11.25am (includes 5-minute transition from Form)
    d. Break 1 - 11.25am to 12.00pm
    e. Period 3 - 12.00pm to 1.10pm
    f. Break 2 - 1.10pm to 1.45pm
    g. Period 4 - 1.45pm to 2.55pm

In Closing

Connection with community is incredibly important to the success of schools and the long-term outcomes for our students. When I see the positive interactions with parents and members of external organisations including the Council, CWAATSICH, QPS, QAS, Goolburri, Far West Indigenous Family Violence Service, Lifeline and more it gives that sense of connection and also a feeling of optimism for the future of our young people. Thanks to each and every one of you for your contributions, both within and outside the school gates, it is very much valued.

To all the families and friends of Charleville SHS I wish you a very enjoyable and safe holiday period. School will resume for Term 4 on Tuesday the 5th of October and I look forward to working together to produce another successful school Term.

All the best,

Barry Wallett

Senior School

Term 4 – Events and Exam Block

In order to help students prepare for term 4, here is a brief overview of some of the events and exams that they will need to be aware of. Students will receive a more detailed exam time-table on return to school in term 4.


Year 10 Students

Year 11 Students

Year 12 Students


Normal timetable

Normal timetable

Normal timetable


Normal timetable

Normal timetable

Normal timetable


Normal timetable

Normal timetable

All students to attend school.

Essential English and Maths will complete assessment.

Applied subjects will finalise any assessment needed.

General subjects will prepare for exam block. 

Friday 22/10 – Exam Block begins.


Exam timetable will run during the week – all students in class when not completing exams.

Exam Block – Students will need to be up to date with all other assessment to receive permission to study at home.

Block exams – Students only attend for timetabled exam OR if needing to complete certificates for QCE (parents/carers will be notified if students are required at school).


Transition program (students will be given new timetable and will trial subjects for year 11).

Begin unit 3 – Students will begin work for year 12.

Block exams – Students only attend for timetabled exams OR if needing to complete certificates for QCE (parents/carers will be notified if students are required at school).


Transition program (students will be given new timetable and will trial subjects for year 11).

Begin unit 3 – Students will begin work for year 12.

Block exams – Students only attend for timetabled exam OR if needing to complete certificates for QCE (parents/carers will be notified if students are required at school).


Transition program (students will be given new timetable and will trial subjects for year 11).

Begin unit 3 – Students will begin work for year 12

Monday - Final exam (only timetabled students required).

Tuesday – Thursday – Students required at school (they will receive a timetable of events, including preparation and set-up for formal, next term).

Wednesday 17/11 - Formal

Friday 19/11 - Graduation


Transition program (students will be given new timetable and will trial subjects for year 11).

Begin unit 3 – Students will begin work for year 12


Year 11 Students at Risk

While many of our year 11 students have done an excellent job settling in to senior school, some are finding senior schooling to be difficult. A number of parents have already been contacted to organise a time to meet and discuss support that can be put in place for their student going forward.

If you have concerns about your student’s progress, please feel free to contact the office to book an appointment to speak with Mrs Kohli. It is helpful if the student is also at the meeting as they can often help identify the specific challenges they are facing.

What assistance is available for all students?

  • Email classroom teacher with questions/concerns around content.
  • Feedback on drafts, classroom work and homework tasks.
  • Meet with classroom teacher after class, during break, before school for extra assistance.
  • Homework club on Thursday afternoon (organize with teacher to be supported)
  • Email or speak to Head of Department with questions.
  • Email or speak to Year Level Coordinator with questions.
  • Make an appointment to speak with a member of the support staff at the school including Guidance Officer and Youth Support Coordinator.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of all of the opportunities for support particularly if they are having challenges in one or more of their subjects. The earlier they ask for help, the better the chance of success when assessment comes around.

Year 10 Students – Subject Selection

Year 10 students are now being asked to make their final decisions around subjects for next year. Students received a subject selection form on Friday and this was also emailed to all year 10 students and to parents of year 10 students to ensure all students received it.

Students need to return this form by the end of term 3. If they are absent, they can email it to Mrs Kohli. Students who need assistance with their subject selection are welcome to come and see Mrs Kohli during lunch breaks.

Cassandra Kohli
Deputy Principal


Junior School

Welcome to week 10. I hope everyone has a well-deserved rest in the following two weeks. Enjoy your time with your teenagers!

Contact Details

Are your contact details up to date at the school? Please call Sue or Dee at the office or send a note if you have had a change in address or phone number. It is important that we are able to contact you at all times.

Year Six Transition Day

The first transition day was held this term. Our future year seven students had the opportunity to experience lessons at Charleville State High School, sample the tuckshop and meet potential teachers.

The second transition day is in Term 4. We look forward to having all the year six students continue on their transition from primary schooling to high school. The transition days are only part of our program to connect with our potential students. We also liaise with the Principals of our feeder schools and students are visited to have an information session in their own environment. Parents are also invited to the information sessions we have in preparation for their child coming to Charleville State High School. Information and enrolment packs are now available at the High School’s office. An appointment must be made for an enrolment interview prior to commencing at Charleville SHS.


There will be slight or no changes to the timetable for the first 4 weeks of term 4.


It is pleasing to see the majority of our students wear the correct uniform. You may refer to the back page of the student diary for details on the correct school uniform. Please support the P&C and us by ensuring your student has correct uniform every day. If your student comes to school out of uniform, more than three times you will be contacted.

Who can support your student at CSHS?

Parents are the most important educators in their child’s life. Know their timetable. Make regular positive contact with teachers. Know their assessment calendar. Encourage them to go to Homework Club every Thursday afternoon.


Reading is our focus! At Charleville State High School, we have an excellent three-tiered reading plan/focus.

  1. In all subjects and classrooms, reading is taught with Directed Reading and Thinking Activities (DRTA).
  2. For those students whose reading age is not within 6 months of their chronological age we have a program called Levelled Literacy Intervention - Ms Sue McDermott.
  3. Multilit reading program, which is a one: one reading and sight words program.
    The above three levels of reading at school must have students’ attendance above 90%. Too often students have difficulties with reading because they have interrupted attendance at school.

As parents, you can help your students in many aspects:

  1. Model reading to them. Read interesting articles to them and take the time to discuss and value each other’s opinions.
  2. Encourage students regardless of age to read for at least 20 minutes every day.

Teenagers and the use of Electronic devices

I read an interesting article urging parents to be aware of how and the amount of time teenagers are using electronic devices. I encourage all parents and carers to do their own research on this topic, as it is important for several reasons:

  1. Are the students communicating with people you do not know?
  2. Are students getting enough sleep?
  3. Is the use of electronic devices replacing valuable reading time?

In recent times there has been concern that students may have had the opportunity to view inappropriate material on their devices. As committed parents, please be aware of everything your child accesses and receives.


At Charleville State High School, our goal is for all students to attend school 92%. Letters will be sent to individual families to inform of the current attendance rate. Those whose child’s attendance in the junior school is less than 80% will be informed specifically and followed through if the attendance does not improve in term 4. If you receive a letter, please ensure that your child attends school every day unless there is a valid reason. If attendance does not improve then the next step in the process of reaching the goal of 92% is to send an official Education Queensland letter requesting an interview to discuss why attendance is at such a level. If this process is not successful then we have no other option than to start the prosecution process.

Mobile Phones at Charleville SHS

Our Mobile phone policy is very clearly written in the Student diaries. Year seven, eight and nine students are not permitted to have a mobile phone at school. If there is evidence that a student in years 10 to 12 has used their phone inappropriately at school, then the student will be prevented from bringing their phone to school. It is the parents and/or carers’ responsibility to ensure that the student is receiving and sending legal and only age appropriate material.

There is currently a lot of political and media attention on the use of mobile phones at school. Since bringing our policy into effect at the beginning of 2018 the misuse of phones has dropped dramatically.

Outside of School Hours on School Grounds

Dedicated staff are often at school outside of school hours. It is concerning the number of students on school grounds out of school hours. It is essential that children be adequately supervised at all times.


Our school uses the services of the Stymie team. This organisation allows students to report anonymously any harm/bullying that they may witness or may be occurring to them. The process the school takes is as follows:

  1. A stymie notification is received.
  2. Investigation occurs immediately to confirm validity.
  3. Parents of the accused may be contacted within 24 hours and asked to work as a team to address the situation with their student.
  4. Upon the advice of the parent, the accused student is explained the concern that is reported and they are given the right of reply.
  5. Continued monitoring to assure that both the accused and receiver of harm is supported.

Please note that this process does not apply to physical harm. Physical harm or intent, is taken extremely seriously at Charleville State High School and will not be tolerated.

Immunisation Year Seven Students

The immunisation program for year seven students will continue in term 4. We do not give actual dates for the program to avoid high absenteeism on the immunisation day. Another reason is to prevent any anxiety that the thought of needles may incur.

RUOK day (Week)

Week 9 saw a wide range of activities for RUOK day for both students and staff. I was especially impressed with the amount of laughter that arose from the yarning circle for our young men. In addition to the RUOK day recognition, I would like to recognize a number of our students who showed great empathy and kindness in the past two weeks. Darcy Roche, Harry Russell, Zac Jones, Will Walton, Mitchell Sallur, Madalynn Shearwin, Phillip Bradley, Jaycob O’Toole and Noah Maunder have all stood out as young people with great respect for their peers and deserve to be formally acknowledged. It is a privilege to have such wonderful young people at Charleville State High School.

Until term 4,

Narelle Webb
Deputy Principal
Junior Schooling/Student Services

Murweh Youth Council Term 3 Report

On Wednesday 11th August the Murweh Youth Council had our third meeting for the year at the Charleville Town Hall.

At this meeting, Mayor Radnedge discussed Stage One of the new Charleville Splash Water Park, which is on track to be finished in September of this year, along with an upgrade to the little pool. He also updated us on an issue raised at our last meeting, with wheelchair access to the Racecourse Complex. Council has made adjustments to the bathroom access, and an engineer has assessed the buildings and is investigating options for wheelchair access to present to Council for consideration. Mayor Radnedge also updated us on the Telstra NBN Updates which was brought up at the last meeting, and there are some exciting things happening in this area in the future.

Mayor Radnedge also encouraged us to propose ideas for improvements in our community so the Council can consider them in planning for the future. Rebecca Horsborough from the Council also provided an update of events coming up in the community, including the exciting things planned for the Bilby Festival in September. Sue Bylett from RESQ also provided an update about the Career Expo at the Racecourse Complex, and Jenny Peacock invited us to volunteer at the canteen for this event, as a fundraiser for the Youth Council. Ten Youth Council High School Students volunteered their time for this, so thank you everyone.

Our next meeting will be held in week five of term 4.

Tahlia Stewart, Media Officer


A National Day of Action when we are reminded that every day is the day to ask, “are you OK?”. To recognise and emphasise the importance of checking in and showing kindness toward each other, in Week 9 CSHS staff and students placed a week-long focus on taking the time to connect and check in with each other.

On Monday, our fabulous SBYHN Kristy organised a fitness session on the Oval with Shannon Mathes, PT extraordinaire! Thank you so much ladies for your time and efforts organising this! Tuesday at second break, and after school at Girls’ Group, the Support Team and students made bath salts and sugar scrubs as random acts of kindness gifts, which were very popular!

Wednesday at first break a swag of community support agency staff, teachers and students participated in their second game of Agency Oz Tag. Big thanks to Donna Enders and all others involved for their efforts in organising these games, which have been a big hit! Thursday, the official NDA for R U OK? Day?, was certainly a busy day at CSHS, beginning with the Support Team hosting a staff breakfast.

The Support Team also organised a surprise hamper for each staffroom, filled with treats and goodies for our hard-working staff cohort, and Chaplaincy Committee made a delicious cake for our students.

Some of our Murweh Youth Council representatives thought R U OK? Day was the perfect opportunity to have an in-class compliment challenge, practising kindness. Katie will be visiting classrooms this week to hand out prizes to those who successfully completed the challenge! Thanks so much everyone for your participation, and thanks especially to teachers for getting behind this fabulous student initiative.

At second break on Thursday, male students had the opportunity to sample a free sausage sizzle and participate in a boys-only yarning circle in the trade training courtyard with many special guests from our community. Female students were treated to a peaceful yoga session in the hall with Emma Wex, a great way to relax towards the end of a very busy term 3!

Thank you so much everyone for your support, organisation and involvement - especially to our special guests from the community who attended and helped make these events such a success.

Finally, on Friday Sharon and Katie organised a lunchtime ‘Pass the Footy Challenge’. It was full of fierce competition, fabulous teamwork and supportive encouragement, which was just wonderful to see – a great way end to R U Ok? week.

Today, and every day – never underestimate the importance and significance of asking – “R U really Ok?”.

Oz Tag

Best & Fairest: Lexton & Tyler

Oztag in Action

When your child is struggling at school or refusing to go to school

Knowing you are on their side is what matters most. Every child has something to offer and deserves success, whatever that looks like for them. Keep believing in your child and work with them to find something that brings them joy – an activity or interest they want to spend time on. When your child does something they enjoy and can learn to do it well, it helps build their confidence. Over time, and with the right support, you can grow that spark inside your child. And as your child’s confidence grows, and with your help, they will feel ready to get their learning back on track so they can get the most out of going to school.

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